S-function builder questions

hello, @FreyJo
I used matlab 2020b and used demo from “acados_matlab_octave/getting_started”.

Unable to automatically generate code due to missing .tlc file.
And “ocp.generate_c_code” can generate code,
so, I used the “s-function builder block” in order to have the .tlc file.
But ,when I used s-function builde ,Encountered the following problem:

Compilation environment mingGW.

look forward to your reply.

Sorry, I have no experience with “s-function builder block".
But this seems to be not the recommended acados Matlab workflow…

what do you mean here?

Need to automatically generate code in conjunction with MATLAB and import the code into MCU.
so,need inline s-function. But now is not inline s-function. Need .TLC file for not inline s-function.