PyCharm issues with acados

I started using acados with python, and i started with minimal example closed, but i get this error , am using pycharm professional. Can someone help.


thanks in advance


Please check if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly in Pycharm.
Something like this:


Thanks for reply

It points at acados…/lib

And now I got this error

Right, this was an error in the race car example, was already reported.
I just merged this into master, which contains the fix.

But it works from the terminal outside pycharm

Did you try this?

Hi FreyJo
That’s what I got after running the corrected one

and this is the result from the terminal

Hi @Agent007,

this seems like another issue of the PyCharm virtual environments.
It downloads the file into the wrong folder, because the directories inside the environment are not as expected.

Please post your error messages in this form:


such that one can refer to them.

I still think if you set up the environment as mentioned here, there should be no issue.


Hi @FreyJo now i can run the python examples but when I run the race cars example I got this error


So this was indeed the solution for your pycharm issues?

The example was modified lately, to just print warnings when exiting with maximum iterations instead of throwing an exception.
Please check out the latest version.

Hi @FreyJo , the problem was the venv and now everything runs fine now. But till now i do not get results form car example even with the latest version !!

Hi @FreyJo Is there any documentation explaining the (for example) car race python example.