Trouble solving this simple question

Hi guys:
I have one problem with using acados. I am using ‘Matlab’ right now.

The problem formulation was like the following:

It was a drone trajectory generation project.

I want the drone to start at (1,1,1) and went to (15,15,15) but there is a ball at (5,5,5) with a radius of 3 between these two points.

So I added constraints (p1-5)^2 + (p2-5)^2 + (p3-5)^2 >= 9.

But the result I got is nothing. There was no trajectory generated. It looks like acados didn’t do the calculation.

Could someone help me to check the reason? Or give me some suggestions.

I would appreciate that. Thanks!!!

The code I have done:


acados returns error status 4, because HPIPM returns error status 3 in the first QP.
This indicates that the first QP is infeasible.

I would try to first remove constraints and give the solver a better initialization.


Hi Jonathan,

Wow. Thanks for your reply.

Hope you can help me solve this problem. :grin: