Time optimal formulation


If I am not mistaken, there is no time optimal formulation in acados (optimize time as a parameter). There was one in ACADO I think. Do you plan on adding this in the future?


Hi @ctoumieh,

Sorry for the loose response, I guess we all missed your post :stuck_out_tongue: At the moment it is not possible to use the prediction horizon T as an optimization variable. You can however, try to use a reformulation with time-scaled dynamics, but it might not be possible to do so from the high-level interfaces at the moment (you would need to keep one of the components of x_0 free). This would be instead relatively easy from the C interface and we should make this feature available from MATLAB/Python asap.


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Is there any update on this? Iā€™m also trying to solve a time optimal problem, and this feature would be really useful to have in the Matlab interface.