Set HPIPM mode

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First, thanks for your amazing works with Acados!

I wonder how (if it’s possible) to set the HPIPM mode through the python interface ? I saw that there are 4 modes implemented and I would like to use the robust or balance ones to increase the robustness of my solver.

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Hi Amedeo,

This is not interfaced (yet) but would be useful to have!
It would need to be added both in C and Python, I think.
Please feel encouraged to add support for this and make a pull request!

I am not sure when I will have time to do it myself, but would like to play around a bit more with HPIPM options in acados too.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your quick response. I will not be able to add this feature (due to my poor knowledge of C language).
But if someone would like to make some tests with different HPIPM mode he can change the mode “by hand” (if I’m not wrong) on the C code into the file: acados → ocp_qp → ocp_qp_hpipm.c at the line 106 (see code below).
Modes are : “SPEED_ABS”, “SPEED”, “BALANCE”, “ROBUST” at my knowledge.

Then, compile again the library and HPIPM mode would be set.
Please correct me if I’m wrong!

void ocp_qp_hpipm_opts_initialize_default(void *config_, void *dims_, void *opts_)
    // ocp_qp_dims *dims = dims_;
    ocp_qp_hpipm_opts *opts = opts_;

//    d_ocp_qp_ipm_arg_set_default(SPEED, opts->hpipm_opts);
    d_ocp_qp_ipm_arg_set_default(BALANCE, opts->hpipm_opts);


That’s the quick way to go!
Leaving this open though.

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