Python interface - nonlinear least squares and constraints on algebraic variables

Dear all,

first, thanks for the great work. I have a question regarding acados embedded.
For now only linear-least squares cost are supported:

  • Will the nonlinear case also be supported soon?
  • Also, will linear and nonlinear constraints for algebraic variables be supported soon?

Thanks for the replays.

Hi Armin!

Thanks for your interest in acados :slight_smile: Nonlinear least-squares should be implemented ASAP (they are already implemented in the core and in the MATLAB interface). Regarding constraints including algebraic variables, they are not implemented in the core either, but we can try to allocate some time to do it in the next days.

Hi Andrea,

thanks for the fast reply! I am looking forward to it. Will also report a successful use as soon as it is ready!