Nonlinear least squares MPC

Hello all,

I am a new user of the library, trying to solve an MPC problem for a multi-agent system through acados’ Matlab interface. My lagrange objective term is the sum of nonlinear terms like this: f_1(x(t))^2+f_2(x(t))^2+f_3(x(t))^2.

First of all, is there any example about the use of the ‘nonlinear_ls’ cost type? Also, any reference for when and how to prefer ‘cost_expr_y’?

I have tried to implement my problem by adding the nonlinear terms to the ‘cost_expr_y’ vector, with zero reference ‘cost_yr’. I am using ‘nonlinear_ls’ as cost type. The C code is generated successfully. However, the result is not as expected and in ‘ocp.model_struct.cost_expr_y’ I do not find the same function I assigned to ‘cost_expr_y’: sums and multiplications seem to be messed up and some ‘sq’ appear. Any clue of why this happens? Does ‘sq’ stands for ‘sqrt’?

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Hi Enrica, thanks for your interest in acados! Could you share your example such that we can have a look?

Hi Enrica,

the nonlinear least squares objective is in the form || y(x,u) - y_ref ||^2_W. The nonlinear term y(x,u) is the one which should get in the cost_expr_y. Both y_ref and W are treated as numerical, and should be represented by matlab matrices.

So in your case it would be y(x,u) = [f_1; f_2; f_3], y_ref=zeros(...), W=eye(...).
If this is what you already did, you could send us a small self-contained code example which creates the expression for ‘cost_expr_y’ and the corresponding function you say it is not the one you assigned.

About constraints, there are three types: bounds b (comprising state bounds bx and input bounds bu), general affine g and nonlinear h constraints.
These suffixes are combined with the prefixes n for dimensions (e.g. nbx), l/u for upper and lower constraint vector (e.g. lg).
The prefix J (e.g. Jbx) represents a matrix made of rows from an identity matrix. This is a way to encode which of your states or inputs are bounded.



Thank you for your reply, I’ll share the example asap!