Need to delete 'build' folder contained MEX files to get the changed code worked

Dear all:

I am currently using acados on Matlab with an Ubuntu system for solving model predictive control problems.

I am encountering an issue where, after making changes to the code (such as modifying the constraints), the new changes do not seem to take effect when I rerun the code. To resolve this, I found that I need to manually delete the ‘build’ folder before rerunning the code. Only then do the new changes become effective.

I am seeking your guidance on how to avoid the necessity of deleting the ‘build’ folder every time I want to rerun the code. It would greatly simplify my workflow if there were a way to directly rerun the code without this extra step.

Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance and insights.

Hi there,

I can suggest two ways:

  1. Update to the latest version of acados (v0.2.2 as of now).
  2. Put a line of “clear all” at the beginning of your code.

If none of the above works, would you provide a minimal example? I would be happy to look into.

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