Matlab vs Python version

Hi all:

I have been working with the Matlab and Python interfaces the last weeks and I have seen several differences between them. I am wondering about the evolution of Acados:

  • In the long term, is the reduction of those differences expected or are the developments independent?
  • Will the development of both interfaces be maintained similarly or one of them is gaining traction?

Thanks in advance


Hi Josu,

Both interfaces are tested and maintained.
It would be great to reduce the differences further.

I think in general the Python interface is cleaner and less hacky.
One main reason, is that the Matlab interface basically has 2 backends, see here Matlab + Simulink and Octave Interface — acados documentation

It is possible to just use the template based backend in Matlab, but it has limitations.
See e.g. Make MEX wrapper around templated solver work on Windows · Issue #765 · acados/acados · GitHub
It would be great to find a person who is willing to do a major rewrite of the Matlab interface to match the Python version and only use the template based backend.

Maybe a separate task would be to change the front end to match the one in Python.

For now, there are no such efforts and we just keep the Matlab interface backwards compatible.


Thank you very much, Jonathan. I think that now it is clear for me. We will see what path follow.

Best regards