Matlab mex: ocp_opts.set causes crash

Hi everyone,

wanted to report a small issue with the matlab_mex interface.

First thanks for the great work, the code is really fast and works very well.

One undesirable thing is when running for instance:

when setting something in the settings that is not supported matlab would crash instead of giving just an error code.
I tried it with the qp_solvers, i,e in
ocp_opts.set('qp_solver', qp_solver);
qp_solver setting something instead of the currently three avilaiible(?) :
partial_condensing_hpipm; full_condensing_hpipm; partial_condensing_hpipm
matlab crashes.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Armin,

in general, until now the focus was on adding features, so there were not many checks in the matlab interface. We are starting adding them now!

Stay tuned :wink: