Compile the C code generated by matlab

Hello, I have completed the matlab program verification, I hope to run the program in the C program of ubuntu20 system. I found that two main functions were generated, which are:
main_pathtracking_model.c and main_sim_pathtracking_model.c
I move the generated code to the examples/c folder, and follow the tutorial through the cmake and make operations and generated the executable files. When I compile and generate the first executable file, I get the following error:
error:ocp_nlp_opts_set:wrong field: fixed_hess
It is worth noting that when I compiled the corresponding sim program, it was able to run successfully. I used casadi in my program design, but I did not use the dynamic link library corresponding to casadi in the compilation process.
When I try to locate the error in the program, I find that the problem occurs in this function.


fixed_hess is an option that has been added recently.
Could it be that you installed acados previously in some other location and that somehow when you try to build your example in the other way (in examples/c), it is using another acados installation?

You’re right, I’ve solved this problem, thanks for your quick answer.