Changing Tf in standalone integrator


Is there any way to change the final integration time in a standalone integrator?
In the Python interface the setter function allows these options [‘p’, ‘S_adj’, ‘T’, ‘x’, ‘u’, ‘xdot’, ‘z’].

However, attempting to set ‘T’ will result in

error: sim_dims_get_from_attr: field T not available.


I just tried adding this line:

acados_integrator.set("T", 0.1)


and got the expected result, using the latest acados version.


I updated my repository and managed to resolve the issue.
However, I got a warning saying:

WARNING: acados Python interface could not close shared_lib handle of AcadosSimSolver POC_Integrator.
Attempting to create a new one with the same name will likely result in the old one being used!

Out of curiosity, what does this mean?
I attempted to create a new solver and it replaced to c generated code as intended.

Again, thank you very much for the help.

Jer Luen

It means that the shared library is not unloaded successfully in Python.
Even when overwriting the generated code, there can still be binary stuff in the Python cache.

However, I fixed the destructor of AcadosSimSolver here: