Storage order of C interface

I’m wondering of the storage order of the C ocp_qp_interface interface.
For example the function void ocp_qp_in_set(ocp_qp_xcond_solver_config *config, ocp_qp_in *in, int stage, char *field, void *value); sets various matrices that are passed as a void* pointer to the value parameter.

From the example in I can’t really tell if it is row or column major. However, the call maps directly to a HPIPM call, where the latter’s documentation states that its using columns major.

Can you approve my assumption that this acados interface is column major or can you point me to any resource regarding that topic?

Yes, all setters expect column-major matrices.

Thanks, good to know. Is there any documenation available on this kind of questions?

It is rather implicitly documented, through the usage of the setters in the higher level interfaces and examples.
I added a note here: Minor fixes by FreyJo · Pull Request #1018 · acados/acados · GitHub