ROS2 python node for acados


I would like to ask if anyone has ever used acados in a ROS2 (or ROS) python node before.
Is it possible to make it work? And, are there any example python code that I can use as a reference to see how to build my ROS2 python node to use acados in a ROS2 simulation?

Thank you

Did you find this?

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I saw that post before posting my question and had a look at the code.
However, it is written in C++. I was wondering if someone applied acados on a ROS2 (or ROS) node written in python instead. But, thank you again for the help. In the worst case scenario, I’ll learn how to use acados in C++ and write a C++ ROS2 node instead of sticking to Python.


I’ve used ACADOS with ROS. I think these are different things. ROS handles the communication with ROS modules, and ACADOS handles the OCP for instance. If you can use Python in ROS, you can also use the Python version of ACADOS in ROS.