qpOASES in single precision

Hi all!

How can you compile qpOASES in single precision with acados?
I I read in the qpOASES manual that it is possible to set the USE_SINGLE_PRECISION compilation flag, but I have no idea where it should be changed.

Can you help me?



while qpOASES might have the option to use single precision, see e.g. external/qpoases/include/qpOASES_e/Types.h using single precision is not supported in acados for now.
We would need to either change the whole linearization to set up a problem in single precision, or transform the QP to single precision and then the solution again back to double precision.
But if you want to use just qpOASES with single precision, the __USE_SINGLE_PRECISION__ flag should do the job.


Thanks for the reply!
Having the qpOASES in single precision would be a good improvement for my project.
Where should I define the flag? Inside the Types.h?