PyCharm installation problems

Hi @FreyJo ,

I have been trying to get the Python interface for acados. I’m using an Ubuntu 18.04, Pycharm IDE. I followed the instructions in this page: Python Interface — acados documentation

I previously had problems with the shared object - .so files
So I rebuild and ran the C example from one of the topics on this page. Thar ran successfully. But I cannot get it running in PyCharm.

I created a new conda environment and launched PyCharm from there. Then I created a new project and added <acados_dir> to Source root. I then added 3.7 conda interpreter.

Here’s the error I have:

Any suggestions about what I might be missing here?

Thanks in Advance!

Sorry, I never used PyCharm.
There are some PyCharm related issues in the forum.
From your error message, I just can say that you didn’t install the Python package correctly.