Matrix should be binary error

Dear acados community,

I am using acados to solve a decentralized NMPC problem with a flock of drones. More specifically, I am implementing tube MPC. In this formulation, one has to implement the following initial state constraint:

Capture d’écran 2022-06-18 à 16.29.10

Since the minimum robust invariant set is quite complex for our system, when we write this constraint using acados in Matlab, we get this error:
“ocp_create: error setting constr_Jbx_0, matrix should be binary”

Is there a way to define Jbx_0 as a non-binary matrix in acados framework?

Thank you in advance for your answer !


can you ellaborate more on what your circled plus and \mathcal{E} mean?

If you set the matrix Jbx_0, you are formulating box constraints on x at shooting node 0 in acados.
i.e. lbx_0 \leq Jbx_0 * x_0 \leq ubx_0.

Maybe you need a more general kind of constraint.


The circled plus is the Minkowski sum and epsilon in the maximum invariant set.

Is there a way to define a more general kind of constraints using the acados framework ? (i.e setting the Jbx_0 matrix as a full matrix with positive and negative values)