How can i set a Variable constraints

In nudge obstacles topic,i want set a variable constraints to match the obstacles edges. could you tell me how to set a variable constraints?
thank you very much!

could you help me?

have you looked into parameters? Does this match your problem?

ok,thanks for your reply!
but my quesetion is “how to set a variable constrains for one x”
for example:
in first shoot, the constrain for x[0] is [-3, 3],
in secend shoot, the constrain for x[0] is [-2,2].
could you tell how to set it ?

Am I right that you want to set variable constraints (different for each shooting node) for a part of your state vector x?

You can do this with the .set() method of the ocp-solver object whilst working with parameters as constraint variables.

Heres a quick example:

# set constraints in init phase
p_lb = cs.SX.sym('p_lb')
p_ub = cs.SX.sym('p_ub') = [1, 1, p_lb, 1]
ocp.constraints.ub = [5, 5, p_ub, 5]
ocp.model.parameter = cs.vertcat([p_lb, p_ub])

# set parameter p_lb and p_ub in control cycle
param_values = [ [1, 1], [2, 2], [3, 3], ..., [n, n]]

# set parameter values (which define constraints for x2) for each node
for n in range(N):
   ocp_solver.set(n, 'p', param_values[n])

this is just a short example that should suit your needs. You have to dive deeper into how to formulate those parameters of course :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. This has solved my problem!
and I have found a new problem. Would it be convenient for you to reply