Getting costs, constraints, yref, etc. after solver creation

Hi !

We are currently developing an OCP library which depends on the Python interface of Acados. To properly test our lib, we would need the possibility to get costs, constraints, yref, lbx, ubx, lbu, ubu and W after solver creation.
For now, the only attributes available after solver creation are :

Possible arguments for AcadosOcpSolver.get() are ['x', 'u', 'z', 'pi', 'lam', 't', 'sl', 'su']. Exiting.

Thanks !


From the documentation of the fuction you are referring to:
get the last solution of the solver

The fields you want to get are part of the input, corresponding getters are not implemented.
From the developers side, it is not a plan to implement this in the near future.

When setting those arguments, there are dimension checks performed and the numerical values are set in the C structure ocp_nlp_in via the functions in the C interface, defined here:
Let us know, if you think there is anything wrong with these functions.