Error Status 3 with constraints and simulink S-Function, working on MATLAB

Hi, I have used Acados to implement an MPC, the base project is running without problems in both MATLAB and generated code for x86 target from Simulink. I’m now trying to introduce a couple of constraints, when I run the code generated from Simulink it returns me an Error Status 3 in QP solver, running the same controller configuration (same code) with MATLAB, with the same logged input data, runs without any problems

This is the way I have set up my constraints

% set up states & controls
vy = MX.sym('vy');
omega = MX.sym('omega');
psi_err = MX.sym('psi_err');
lat_err = MX.sym('lat_err');
delta = MX.sym('delta');
x = vertcat(vy, omega, psi_err, lat_err, delta);

% parameters
vx = MX.sym('vx');
k = MX.sym('k');
p = vertcat(vx, k);

alpha_f = -atan2(lf*omega + vy,vx) + delta;
alpha_r =  atan2(lr*omega - vy,vx);

constraint.alpha_front_min = -0.12;  % minimum front slip angle [rad]
constraint.alpha_front_max = 0.12;  % maximum front slip angle [rad]

constraint.alpha_rear_min = -0.12;  % minimum rear slip angle [rad]
constraint.alpha_rear_max = 0.12;  % maximum rear slip angle [rad]

% define constraints struct
constraint.expr = vertcat(alpha_f, alpha_r);

And this is how I use them when generating the solver and the s-function

ocp_model.set('constr_expr_h', constraint.expr);
ocp_model.set('constr_lh', [...
ocp_model.set('constr_uh', [...

Also placing a very simple input makes the error appear instantly, which make me think that I have some kind of misconfiguration in simulink
Do I need some additional configuration to run the solver with constraints in Simulink? Thank you!


in principle, this should work.

Can you check that in the acados_ocp*.json file “nh” is correct?

If you are on Linux, you can test the template based solver (which is used in Simulink) in this kind of fashion

What do you mean with “placing a very simple input”?