Error generation of Makefile when using GNSF

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My model has trivial gnsf_f_lo_fun_jac_x1k1uz component. For c file generation, everything is fine. However, for makefile generation, as shown below:

{%- elif solver_options.integrator_type == "GNSF" %}
MODEL_OBJ+= {{ }}_model/{{ }}_gnsf_phi_fun.o
MODEL_OBJ+= {{ }}_model/{{ }}_gnsf_phi_fun_jac_y.o
MODEL_OBJ+= {{ }}_model/{{ }}_gnsf_phi_jac_y_uhat.o
MODEL_OBJ+= {{ }}_model/{{ }}_gnsf_f_lo_fun_jac_x1k1uz.o
MODEL_OBJ+= {{ }}_model/{{ }}_gnsf_get_matrices_fun.o

It does not consider if the x1k1uz one is trivial, which results in error as there is no related c files generated.


I addressed the issue here:

It is merged in the master branch, so you can just pull that.


I am afraid you have not yet fixed this in the other templates or source files.

right, can you try this branch?

merged this in master here: Minor fixes and interface improvements by FreyJo · Pull Request #771 · acados/acados · GitHub