Dspace build error

[Embedded Workflow — acados documentation]
first,I installation of MATLAB interfaces,and the s-function can works well in simulink.
(Embedded Workflow — acados documentation)
then, I followed the above process, but I encountered some problems when in Matlab or press Ctrl+B in Simulink.
I used this file Toolchain-dSpaceDS1401.cmake.(MABX2)

I don’t know which link has a problem.

< lnkppc >
(E) #A0368-D Unresolved external:
xmlParseDoc (first referenced in module: parse.o50)
xmlCharStrdup (first referenced in module: parse.o50)
xmlDocGetRootElement (first referenced in module: parse.o50)
Errors: 1, Warnings: 0
– call “C:\software\dSPACE\dSPACE RCPHIL 2017-B\Compiler\PPCTools\BIN\lnkppc.exe” -QmsA0314-m…\test_parser.map -o …\test_parser.ppc -c _tmp_test_parser.lk



some warnings:

(W) C0174-D; “C:\Users\acados_solver_sfunction_MPC_Speed.c”, line 66 pos 5; expression has no effect
ssSetInputPortVectorDimension(S, 0, 2);
(W) C0174-D; “C:\Users\acados_solver_sfunction_MPC_Speed.c”, line 68 pos 5; expression has no effect
ssSetInputPortVectorDimension(S, 1, 2);


what did you try to link to the model? Do you have external dependencies / libraries?
Were you able to successfully cross compile the acados and solver builds for the MABX2 with the toolchain file? Are you replacing the existing libraries of your host machine with the new compiled ones for the MABX when you are trying to build for the MABX?
@bmasterk did the toolchain for MABX2, maybe he can help.

The warning should not have an effect on this I guess.


Thanks,I finished cross compile acados and then compile my s function for DS1401.
There is another problem.