What is the difference between acados and ACADO?

I was using ACADO, there is any reason to switch to acados?

Welcome to the acados forum and thanks for your interest in the software package :slight_smile: acados is the successor of ACADO and it has been completely rewritten such that code generation is not necessary anymore. In this way the code is much easier to maintain, extend and debug. At the same time, efficiency is not affected as computationally intensive linear algebra operations are carried out using the high-performance BLAS/LAPACK library BLASFEO (https://blasfeo.syscop.de/overview/). Moreover, acados is actively developed at our group and it includes the latest algorithmic and software implementation developments, e.g. new integration algorithms and QP solvers. Although the interfaces are not as mature as the one of ACADO it will soon catch up in terms of user-friendlyness too.