Warm start of a subset of variables

Hi :wave:

I’m trying to develop a nmpc for quadrupedal locomotion. I have the following question:

In my problem, i would like to initialize manually during the horizon only the footstep locations (in the Horizon there could be multiple step ahead for the robot). Is It possibile to do that in acados? As far i saw, i can only initialize the full state along the horizon!

I have an additional question:
Since i want to constrain the position of the foot, i would like to impose the constrains at touchdown (a specific Moment in the Horizon). How can i do this? The only workaround that i have for now Is to put a very big number for the same costraint during the flight phase. Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for the help and for developing acados!


there you can only set the full state vector at a shooting node.
If you want to not change some components, you can read the current guess for x at a shooting node (via get), only change the components you want, and give it back.