Toolchain File for dSpace DS1007 / Error with RTLib


I want to solve an MHE problem on a dSpace DS1007 using the Matlab (Simulink) interface.
I was able to generate the S-Functions and they work nicely in the simulation.
Then, I followed the installation guide for the embedded worflow using the Toolchain file for DS1202 (as I didn’t know what to adapt for DS1007).
With that, I can build my dSpace-Simulink model without any errors/warnings.
However, if I try to use that on the dSpace (“go online” in Control Desk) I immediately get an error saying
An error occurred while downloading a real-time application binary to the following hardware system."
and on a lower level
Cannot load real-time application. Real-time application requires RTLib version '3.14', current firmware version is '3.0'.

I assume that this is caused by the Toolchain file not being adapted to DS1007 (the DS1202 toolchain file mentions RTLib in a commented part), but without any trouble in the build process, I don’t know where to start.

So, any ideas to the specific RTLib error or on how to adapt the toolchain file for a given platform would be a big help.

Thanks a lot!
Cheers, Anne

Hi Anne,

DS1007 has a different procesor type (PPC Processor) than the DS1202. It is better for you to use the workflow for the DS1401 (Microautobox with PPC Processor). You will find the necessary files in a pull request:

You have to adapt the toolchain file and any c/h file with DS1401 specific functions to fit your DS1007. I think in particular the timing and print functions need to be adapted. If you cannot find the correct function for your system, an easy way is replace the problematic function by functions, which just dont return abything. This way you do not have timing/print functions, but this should not be mandatory.

Best regards