Online data in acados mpc program


I have just started using acados. Thanks for such a nice library.

I have written a prototype of my mpc program in MATLAB and then I code generated it. At each iteration of the mpc I want to provide data related to updated dynamics of my robot to the program. (So here is what I want to do: I get the solution of mpc, extract the new state of robot from the whole solution, update dynamic matrices (mass-inertia matrix, coriolis matrix and gravity matrix) and send these matrices to the program for next iteration calculation). Earlier I was using Acado and I used OnllineData in order to define the elements of these matrices. Is there something similar in acados?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Akash

In acados we use “parameters”, in Matlab sym_p, to implement what was called “OnlineData” in ACADO.
They should allow to do what you described :slight_smile: