One sided bounds in Python Interface

Hello all,

My aim is to implement constraints that either have a lower or an upper bound, but are unbounded on the other side. I want to know if one sided constraints are possible in either through the linear bx and bu or the non linear constraint h. I could not find such a constraint implementation in any of the examples, and leaving either the lower or the upper bound unset seems to be raising an error. I have tried to add infinity with float(“inf”) on one side, copying the convention from the casadi framework, but that seems to also raise an error. I do not know if the error in the infinity case is due to the .json format, which is the first source of the error, or somewhere else, but I would really appreciate any direct or indirect way to incorporate one sided bounds.



Hi Can,

you are right, there is always a lower and upper bound for constraints in acados.

We did not yet try to use Inf, which would indeed be the most intuitive way to formulate one sided bounds.
For now, I suggest you to just use a really large number instead of Inf, say 1E15.