How to deploy acados to quarc_linux_x64 target in Windows or How to generate a Linux library in Windows

Hi all,

I want to deploy acados on QDrone, which is a Linux x64 based quadrotor, produced by Quanser. But I have a problem.
I can only build the code in Windows, because the Quanser’s build tool, named Quarc, only has the Windows version.
When I build the code to quarc_win64 target, everything is fine because the acados.lib can be recognised.
However, when I build the code to quarc_linux_x64 target, the acados.lib can not be recognised because it is a Windows library.

And my question is how to generate a Linux library that can be recognized correctly in Windows.

I have made the following attempts:
I copy and use the library generated in Linux. But neither the shared library nor static library works properly.
When I use the shared library, it reports undefined reference to 'pow@GLIBC_2.29', which means it can’t find the but I have added the -lm when compiling.
When I try to use the static library libacados.a, it also reports some error like C:/acados_linux/lib/libhpipm.a(d_cond_aux.c.o): In function 'd_cond_RSQrq': d_cond_aux.c:(.text+0x12d6): undefined reference to 'blasfeo_dgemm_nd' .

Thanks for your help!