dSPACE Compiler host/target folder


I’m having some issues following the procedure to compile acados on dSPACE for an integration with MicroAutoBox II. On Step 1: Adapt the existing CMake toolchain file for your system I should be able to find on C:/ProgramData/dSPACE/ the following folders/files:


However, I can’t find them in any of the dSPACE related folder I have on my PC.

I’m inheriting a dSPACE project and the files related to the compilation (such as dSPACE_Model_Name’_usr.mk and others) have been generated. Is there any chance that these two folders/files to be generated during this compilation process or they should be there already before the compilation? I’ve asked other colleagues and they don’t have these folders/files neither.

Am I missing something?

Matlab 2017b
dSPACE 2018-B

Thanks for your time,

Hi everyone, solved it.

The problem solution is described on:

faq142.pdf (dspace.com)