Casadi compatibility with acados


I´m new in the implementation of this kind of software and I would like to know if there´s any compatibility issue that I should be expecting as a result from using newer versions of Casadi (casadi-windows-matlabR2016a-v3.5.5) instead of older versions (e.g., casadi-windows-matlabR2014b-v3.4.0 ).

Thanks for your time

No, casadi 3.5.5 is the default now, I think.
Why do you think there is an issue?


I don’t think there’s any kind of issue, since on acados instructions it is stated that 3.4.0 is is to be installed (maybe the web is outdated), I wanted to be sure if there was anything in particular that I should know before moving forward.

Thanks once again for your time