Basic closed loop example creates runtime error on DSpace DS1202


I am trying to run acados on the dspace DS1202 system. I’ve managed to compile it successfully without any errors. However when I want to load and run it on the DS1202 it gives the following errors. I’ve used the basic closed_loop simulink example (pendulum on a cart) in the getting_started folder.

The error message from dspace:
Memory violation exception! Real-time application (ID 0x008796e3) crashed due to an illegal memory access at address 0x00000004. Execution stopped at address 0x48058d5c near symbol ‘test_example_mpc_dspace.ppc@main+0x1115c’.

I will ofc also contact dspace about this, since I don’t know from which side (dspace or acacdos) the problem stems from.

As far as I know DS1202 should work with acados in general? And since I’ve used the most basic example and followed the docs of acados closely, I’m a bit lost.

One more fact: When I do the same, but only with the integrator / model (also an acados-sfunction) (so without the actual mpc / acacdos-solver) it works fine and gives correct results. So there has to be a problem with the other s-function or underlying c-code, but in general, the inclusion of acados c-code works.

Thanks in advance for any help,