AcadosOcpSolver.constraints_set() does not change constraints

Hi :wave:

I am currently implementing an acados MPC controller for trajectory tracking (Python Interface).

I would like to change along the various iterations the values in my constraints set. So far the constraints are defined (in initialization) using lh, uh, lh_e and uh_e constraints.

To change them I used the method of the solver .constraints_set(i, “uh”, constraints_uh) for the iterations (0 to N-1) and .constraints_set(N, “uh”, constraints_uh_e) for the last iteration N.

I think I am using the method correctly, in fact does not return any error and changing the dimensions of the “constraints” vector returns an error.
Still the solution I get just consider the constraints I imposed when setting up the AcadosOcp object, and does not consider the new constraints formulation on the AcadosOcpSolver obtained using the aforementioned function.

Someone has any idea of what I am doing wrong? Are there different ways to change the contraint values along the processing?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Normally, this should work.
if you can provide a minimal test example, I could look into it.