Acados on embedded platform

Dear all,

I would like to ask which is the optimal (or any feasible) way to compile acados for the STM NUCLEO-F767ZI MCU based on an ARM Cortex M7 processor. Before, I attempted to do this on a Cortex M4 based STM platform, which was not succesful due to missing floating-point vectorization, as suggested here . Therefore I switched to the Cortex M7 based STM mentioned above, which should not have this problem.

As a preliminary step, I managed to run acados on the Cortex A7 based Raspberry Pi2+. Now, I would like to move on to the truly embedded (no OS) Cortex M7 based STM NUCLEO-F767ZI MCU. The executable will be compiled on a standard x64-based PC. Therefore I would love to know what needs to be compiled (blasfeo, HPIPM, …) for the ARM architecture such that it will be possible to run acados on the target MCU.

I would appreciate your help. Thank you very much in advance.


I was trying to compile acados (and HPIPM+BLASFEO) for another Cortex M7, namely the platform Teensy 4.0, you can have a look here:
I was using the template (also this more official version is available now) already available for this board and modifying the Makefile of acados accordingly.
I was able to compile but I was still getting some runtime errors that need to be fixed.
Maybe a similar approach can work also for the NUCLEO board, I don’t have much experience with STM boards.

And the end acados software stack when using the GENERIC target is plain self-contained C code,
how to cross-compile it depend more on your platform than on the code of acados itself.

Did you already managed to cross-compile and run simpler C code on your NUCLEO board?

Thank you for your fast reply @tmmsartor.
I will start by cross-compiling and attempting to run a simpler C code on the NUCLEO board, as you suggested, and will let you know. I assume you meant some code not related to acados.
Btw, have you eventually suceeded to run acados on the Teensy board that you mentioned?