A compile error when run "make examples_c"

I try to build and install acados in ubuntu18.04, it all goes well until I run the “make examples_c”, there is an make error:
acados/lib/libacados.so: undefined reference to `ocp_nlp_ddp_config_initialize_default’

I have no idea about the error, and I try the following command according to GPT:
nm -D /acados/lib/libacados.so | grep ocp_nlp_ddp_config_initialize_default
The output is:
U ocp_nlp_ddp_config_initialize_default

How to solve the problem?


it seems that we forgot to update the make build system when adding the DDP solver.
Note that the acados CMake build system is much more tested and recommended to use.
I just pushed a fix here:


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