OpenMP support problem

Hi :wave:

I have a problem with Acados multithreading support, don’t know if this can be a bug or if it is only happening to me.

I compiled Acados with OpenMP support, and everything went fine during compilation (it returned OpenMP parallelization is ON) and installation. But when I launch my controller (in python), acados prompt “acados was compiled without OpenMP”.

Do you know what is happening here?
Thank you!

Hi, I also encountered the same problem, have you found the solution?

There was an issue on acados master branch which had to be fixed to be able to compile with openMP: Fix openmp by FreyJo · Pull Request #1061 · acados/acados · GitHub
However, it now does work for me again.
For printing the info “acados was compiled without OpenMP” in Python, we inspect the compiled shared library, which should be pretty safe…