Logo design contest

Dear acados enthusiasts,

As you might know, acados, despite its popularity, is still lacking a logo. :smiling_face_with_tear:
We want to change that! :rocket:
Criteria for a good logo are:

  • acados has to be spelled with lower case letters
  • simplicity
  • squareness: the aspect ratio should be close to quadratic
  • free to use, the logo should have the same license as the acados code, no commercial fonts

Additionally it should somehow fit to the project:

  • acados implements fast, embedded solvers for optimal control

We are looking forward to your suggestions! :hugs:

The acados development team.

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There is a lightning under the c.
Lightnings are fast
C is light and fast → lightnings.
The level lines indicate the center of acados is close to optimality.
The lightnings are still satisfying the constraints.


A minimalistic suggestion from @kaethe


Ok, so ChatGPT (DALL-E) is struggling a bit. Especially with the text. It does not understand lower case

Yeah… not great, but might serve as inspiration.