Acados status 4 when using MATLAB interface on M1 Mac


first of all thank you very much for developing this neat toolbox.
I am currently running it on my M1 mac. Has anyone ever tested the toolbox on it?

I can run most of the example files but not the car race example and neither the wind turbine example.
The car race example i.e. does build properly but as soon as the simulation starts, I get the following error:

acados returned status 4 in closed loop iteration 20. Exiting.

However what I find interesting, when running the same example on another windows machine, it runs properly. Also, running the example in python on the m1 mac works just fine. I tried different versions of MATLAB with all the same results.

Also when trying to modify other examples to make them converge to a different state than ‘zeros’, the optimization algorithm does not find a solution anymore.

Is someone familiar with the problem or has any idea how to proceed debugging?

Thanks for your input


this is indeed surprising.
We are planning though to replace the current duplicated Matlab interface backend as described here: Make MEX wrapper around templated solver work on Windows · Issue #765 · acados/acados · GitHub
I hope this will solve the issue, but M1 with Matlab is not really tested unfortunately.
Maybe you can try it with the template based solver in Matlab.

The matlab template based solver can be used like here for now: acados/test_template_pendulum_ocp.m at master · acados/acados · GitHub