Acados Installation problem : 'AcadosOcpSolver' object has no attribute 'acados_ocp'


I am using python interface on windows.
I followed the installation instructions, however facing an error that I am unable to resolve.
It would be great if someone could help me resolve it.


maybe you can try with this branch:

The automatic download of t_renderer failed.
Let me know if it works and try manually if it doesn’t.


Hi FreyJo,

Apologies for not reverting soon.

I reinstalled everything from the new master branch.

This time around I got a new error. Seems like the path has not been set correctly. I used the ‘set’ command instead of ‘export’. I got this error last time as well. But upon using the set command correctly it was resolved. Unfortunately, this time around the error is persisting.

I will keep you posted if I could resolve it.

Thank you.

P.S. : it would be great if the installation page includes instructions for installation for python on windows.