Acados featured work collection

Dear acados Community,

we are happy to have helped a number of people to use acados for their application via this forum.
We would like to start maintaining a public list of projects and publications (papers, thesis, benchmarks, etc) that feature acados.

This thread is meant for you to submit links, documents, or code repositories that might be interesting for other users in the future.

We are looking forward to getting to know more about your work.

Thanks a lot :pray:
Jonathan & The acados developers.


Hi Jonathan,

this is a very good idea. Here are two of my papers where I have successfully used acados:

Contraction Properties of the Advanced Step Real-Time Iteration for NMPC at the IFAC World Congress 2020 :

Real-Time Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Microgrid Operation at the American Control Conference 2020:

I have one more paper where I have used acados, which is not yet published. However, here is a link to the prepreint:



Hi Jonathan and Acados dev team !

Once again, thanks for the great work. We are currently developing a library for optimal control in Biomechanics ( Ipopt and Acados are now (almost) fully interfaced. Publications and benchmarks are in progress !



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Hi Jonathan and developers,

thanks for the great user support!

I have written a Python library for economic tuning of tracking NMPC problems (TuneMPC - It computes positive definite stage cost matrices for a tracking NMPC problem so that it’s feedback policy locally approximates that of economic NMPC around an economically optimal reference.

Using the acados Python interface, TuneMPC provides the possibility to automatically formulate and code-generate the “tuned” tracking MPC solvers (as well as economic and standard tracking MPC for comparison).

The paper can be found here.


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Hi Jonathan,

here are some of my papers using acados:

An Efficient Real-Time NMPC for Quadrotor Position Control under Communication Time-Delay:

Least Conservative Linearized Constraint Formulation for Real-Time Motion Generation:


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Thanks to everybody posting here! :pray:
The list can be found here:

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Hey Jonathan,
Thank you very much for this great software framework!
I successfully used acados for the following paper:
Model predictive control of wind turbine fatigue via online rainflow-counting on stress history and prediction at the wind energy conference TORQUE 2020:

Best regards,

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Some update on our Python framework for biomechanical optimal control based on acados (among others):

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