Matlab Interface under Windows

Hi everyone,

I am new to acados and I am trying to use the Matlab interfaces under Windows.
I successfully installed following the:

However, when I try to run the minimal_example_ocp I receive following error:
To use ‘mbuild’, the following product must be licensed, installed, and enabled: MATLAB Compiler SDK

Is there any way of using Acados with Matlab under Windows without mbuild, resp. without the necessity of MATLAB Compiler SDK license?

Thank you for the information!

Hi Jan,

first of all welcome to the forum! :raised_hands:

Unfortunately, right now it is not possible to use acados Matlab from Windows without MATLAB Compiler SDK.
We were also not really aware of that dependency.

I think it should be possible to replace this mbuild call with a system call, similarly to how it is done for Linux.

You have to specify the correct compiler binary somehow.

Suggestions on how to improve the Windows workflow are definitely welcome!


Good news, I figured out that if you install mingw as described in the latest docs, adding the mingw bin folder to the path, you can use the Linux system call directly on Windows. That is, comment out the ispc statement, and just use system(['gcc -O2 -fPIC -shared ', strjoin(c_files, ' '), ' -o ', [lib_name, ldext]]);. This has to be done in both the sim and ocp files, but I was able to run the getting started examples without the Matlab Compiler SDK.